Most of these are papers that I have written while in the Mythological Studies courses at Pacifica Graduate Institute.  Please leave comments and feel free to share – I enjoy the feedback.  Thanks 🙂

Transformations: The Amduat, the college student, and the river that unites

What Buddhist literature taught me about being a teacher and student

 Parvati, Kali, and Balance

Dante’s midlife transition: Learning to live and love

Rachel and Leah – Wife and Mother

From Wife to Mother to Married Mom

Kali: the Devouring Other

Right or Privilege?

 The lack of Aphrodite in “The Sopranos”

Sticking it to the Rabbit: B’rer Rabbit and the Tar Baby Revisited

Fly fishing – hobby, sport, or ritual?

Morgan le Fay in Camelot: A literary history of faith and gender

Passion: Flowers, torture, death, and butterflies

Pathways to Bliss?

Who is the Big Bad Wolf?

Pinocchio: Fairy tale, Folklore, and Myth

Transmuted Interpretations

Fools, Lovers, and Sufism

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